Malia 2017

Going to Malia with 12 of my favourite girls was something we had all been anticipating for so long, and to think that we’ve been and gone is surreal. Over those 7 days I loved moments from drinking cocktails in beach side hammocks to dancing my heart out to Tinie Tempah at Crystal Beach. If I could ever sum up this  experience into one blog post, this is my attempt.


Arriving in Malia, after a disgustingly early 4 hour flight, Greek summer sun hit each northern girl the second one foot was off the plane. (Surprisingly, the same thing did not happen on our return to a very rainy England).

One of the main things that can either make or break a holiday is 100% the hotel. What the staff are like. Room conditions. Location. Luckily for us girlies, our hotel (Primavera Hotel)  was pretty much exactly what we needed for our holiday. The positioning of the hotel was 2 minutes from the beach and equally 2 minutes to the strips where all the main clubs are. Nikos, the owner of our hotel, was so chill and hilarious to have as our host. He managed to create a profile that was both someone we knew was looking after us while we stayed there, but nevertheless a laugh. I could rave about this hotel for aaages but I’ll save that for TripAdvisor – yes I am that kind of girl!
Bottom line is we arrived at the hotel and within minutes we had a pint of the infamous cocktail entitled ‘Headfucker’ in hand. Need I say more…

In my personal opinion, the best part of Malia was getting to go to events and different parties that are pretty much a guaranteed, ‘NEVER GONNA HAPPEN’ back in the North East of England. UV Paint Party. Booze Cruise. Pool Party. For me going on holiday is about trying new things and taking a break from the everyday routine back home. Just because this was a girls holiday did not change that. I planned to go to as many different events as I could.

The UV Paint Party was sooo not what I expected. As opposed to a club, it was an outdoor beach club venue with a festival stage equipped with vast canons that would later blanket the crowd in coloured, gooey paint. The genius I am, ended up at the front of the stage so, as a result, I left the venue looking like a gummy bear had puked all over me. They wouldn’t let me leave the venue before being thrown into an ice cold shower as there was so much paint on me. The exact opposite of what I look like in the image above where I am clearly having too much fun in my mermaid bikini with a vodka coke, dancing my heart away.

The pool party was one of my favourite events of the week. The event was at Crystal Beach which is hands down one of the best venues I have ever been to in my life. The only way I can compare it is with the stereotypical insta girl dream holiday where everything already looks like its been photo-shopped and filtered for an insta upload. To the side of the pool there was yet another stage where on my final day in Malia I saw Tinie Tempah perform! But regarding the pool party, given we had already been in Malia a couple nights I was pretty tired, so a day of drinking and chilling in such an amazing venue, listening to a live DJ until the sun went down, was exactly what I needed!

If there was one thing  myself and the girls were looking forward to the most before we even got on the plane, it would be a boat party. Adamant we would go on one, we had booked the Malia Booze Cruise before I had even unpacked properly. Our excitement was made evident given we bought face glitter exclusively for this event. For anyone thinking of doing the Booze Cruise, a piece of advice from me to you, if you’re hungover: don’t do it. The cruise was sooo much fun with cheap drinks, on board games which were hands down hilarious, a non-stop DJ and even a chance to jump overboard into the Mediterranean sea. However there were certain people who were seriously struggling with being on a boat for the entire duration of the event. Just make sure you’re peachy keen- if not the best way to cure a hangover…start drinking again.

I made so many amazing and funny memories in Malia. Becoming best friends with the pizza guy who made me a pizza every night, that’s right, 7 nights 7 pizzas. Laughing by the sea having cocktails. Going with my friend to get a tattoo!!! Watching a different friend get her nipple pierced moments before Tinie Tempah!!
Whatever happens between me and the girls I went with, I’ll remember that insane week away!!

So to any of you going away on lads/lasses holiday I’m pretty sure you’ll have the best time- and good luck getting home safely.

Now I’m happily back home days later still catching up on sleep and ready for my next holiday which will be a lot more chill and relaxing – see you soon Rome!

Thanks for reading
Emma X

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