Total Teddy Bear Vibes

Because who doesn’t wanna be all snug and dressed like a teddy bear?

Christmas is over but the cold weather isn’t quite ready to say good-bye just yet. Thanks to this adorable teddy bear style hoodie, I will not have any worries about the cold anymore…

I am literally obsessed with this nude, fluffy hoodie from Topshop. It is soooo warm n snug. I feel like I’m getting away with wearing pyjamas outside; winning life really. I get that some people might not want to go for that complete snug, bedtime look…however I personally cannot stop wearing this. Definitely one of the best Christmas presents I got- thank you boyfriend!!

It’s such an adorable wardrobe piece. Yet with the American flag detailing and Brooklyn text on the body, there is a slight edgy aspect to the piece.

When I’m travelling on the train this will be perfect for those early mornings when I really just wanna be wrapped up in my bed. Lounge wear staple for sure!

Yet with the right pieces paired together this hoodie can be the focus of a day to day outfit. See below for outfit details…

Brooklyn Fluffy Hoodie – Topshop
Black Ripped Jamie Jeans- Topshop
Pointed Patent and Suede Ankle Boots – Public Desire

Love Emma.x

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