Let’s chat…Balancing Uni, Relationships, Blogging, Gym etc…

Real talk though, does anyone actually have a clue what they’re doing with their life? I’m not even speaking long-term plans, I’m talking about knowing how to fit everything in on a weekly plan. Seems to me I have commitments left, right and center- and not to sound like a big old ball of cringe but – ‘there’s just not enough hours in the day’. I envy people who can strut around feeling so content that they have a plan and can keep on top of everything. Is there a class I can take or something? 

Right now I’m coming to the end of my first year of uni, so naturally I’m slowly being suffocated by work deadlines and upcoming exams…£9,000 well spent ey! They say you should keep on top of work and revision to make the final step and few weeks before an exam more bliss, but come on who actually listens to that advice.
Then we have relationships: family, boyfriend, friends and of course my dog. Allocating time to spend sharing the love with people close to me. Time I’m very little on these days…
Also gym, exercise, attempting to have some acceptable form of a ‘summer body’. Shortly following my exams I’ll thankfully be jetting off on holiday and after all the revision snacks I have got to keep fit some way. But again where do I find the time to do that?
My part-time job! I need holiday clothes, and food! Evidently, I need dollar so I’m going to have to use my time to go to work as well. Bye bye free time!

I hope you’re seeing the key trend that keeps slapping me in the face…that feeling of “I have no spare time to do anything”. Unable to escape the feeling that slowly but surely, revision, gym, commitments and just life generally is taking over and you feel so out of control.

I certainly felt like this! That is until I made a few changes to my attitude and outlook on life…

1. Make a Plan

Now I know what 90% of anyone who read that first bullet point thought. ‘How cringe.’ ‘I’m not in school.’ ‘Thanks but no thanks.’ Completely understandable, I felt the exact same response when my university professor told us to create a revision schedule…that is until I actually made it. Creating an actual visual plan of my week helped me plan when I was going to revise which topics, attend which gym classes, go to work, see my boyfriend etc. Piece of advice: be realistic with it. I knew I’d want a lie in some days so I didn’t schedule a revision session at 8am.
I think it’s definitely one of those things you either love or CBA with, but adding that little bit of structure was so beneficial to me.

2. Priorities

When you have a lot of commitments you have to priortise what you should be putting first. For example; me right now, my grandparents would probably say I should be revising but after a full day of revision yesterday and an intense gym session this morning, I chose to prioritise ‘me time’ and write for my blog. Obviously revising, keeping fit, seeing friends are all important- it’s all about finding that balance. Revise hard all day, go for brunch with a chum as a reward? Date night with the boyfriend, so go to the gym on the morning?

3. It’s Just a Phase

I started to feel really depressed and down about always being in the house revising, or feeling guilty when I wasn’t revising. That was until I realised that all the work and time I’m putting into uni work is only temporary. As soon as that last exam is over, I then have more free time to put back into parts of my life that may have lost my focus, such as going to the gym. Additionally, it will be worth it in the end.

4. Remembering to Still Enjoy Life

Probably one of the most important things I’ve taught myself over the past year. You can have as many commitments as you want: work, university, volunteering etc. For me you should always value time to keeping yourself happy, and that shouldn’t come with a guilt driven voice inside your head saying “You’re not revising Emma!”. I don’t believe in 24/7 non-stop revision, your brain won’t focus and will get bored. A brunch date here, a coffee shop stop there…little things that keep me happy. As a say, it’s all about the balance.

Of course there are still moments where I’m stressed about work, and feel like I’ve got no time to do things I wanted to do. That’s life, you can’t control everything. But at least I am now in a much clearer head space, where I do feel more chilled out and in control with different parts of my life.
Hopefully this advice can help anyone else stressed about exams, work deadlines or just countless responsibilities demanding your attention 24/7.

Love Emma.x

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