Celebrations at Central Oven+Shaker, Newcastle

After a year that seems to have just flown over shockingly quick, I have finished my final exam and my first year at university. Hours of revision, thousands of flashcards and gallons of coffee later…I am finally free for summer! To celebrate our newly found freedom, and to kick off what is going to be an amazing summer, myself and university chums decided there was only one thing to do…pizza and cocktails! Of course.

We decided to eat at Central Oven+Shaker, in Newcastle which has been floating around Instagram as having fab stone baked pizzas, 2-4-1 cocktails and an extremely ‘instagrammable’ decor. What else could we ask for?

After the FINAL EXAM of my first year at university, we walked down to the train station where the restaurant is situated over the road. As soon as you open the door you are greeted to interior heaven: wooden and stone elements, ivy and palm leaves, even UV lights…

10/10 for any Instagram obsessed gal.

Time to order drinks, or more specifically: cocktails!
2-4-1 was well and truly abused by our lil group. (Don’t worry they do do other drinks other than cocktails!) However my attention was directed straight to the cocktails.

For any of you who have more of a sweet-tooth, this place has got you covered with an entire section of the cocktail menu dedicated to ‘Sweet Shop’ cocktails! This is wear myself and Amy selected the adorable prosecco based cocktail complete with a giant ball of candy-floss. Not the most complex cocktail, but celebrating the end of exams without prosecco would be wrong!

But onto more important things, PIZZA.
Before coming here I avoided pizza for so long, just so I could appreciate it that much more! And for a girl like me, who loves her pizza, that was a challenge….

I chose a mozzarella and basil pizza: classic (not boring!) and yummy if cooked well! There was a small choice of pizzas on the menu, but you’ve got to remember it isn’t a pizza takeaway. Plus there are other dishes available on the menu such as pasta and salad. Don’t even get me started on the truffle oil and parmesan fries. Mmmmmm.

I absolutely loved my pizza. The stone baked base was crisp, but one bite revealed it’s fluffy and light center. The cheese was oozy and rich, and well complimented by a sweet tomato sauce which didn’t overpower it. One thing to mention is that the sauce is very oozy ‘boozy’. As in, if you picked up a slice, the toppings would use the sauce as a slide to slip right back on to the plate. Knife and fork was mandatory!
Despite the risk of a saucy mess, I was still very happy with my food here.

If you are looking for somewhere in Newcastle for your next date night, or girly trip out for some food and extremely aesthetic drinks…this is your place.
I will no doubt be returning to this place and trying more cocktails and meals from their menu!

If you’d like more restaurants reviews and bar recommendations, let me know down below!

Love Emma.x

Instagram – emma_sandford
Twitter- itsemmasandford

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