The Swimsuit that Made Me Ditch Bikinis…

Is there anything more exciting than holiday shopping? I’m gonna go with no… Planning outfits, picking bikinis, beachwear etc. Pretty sure I’m not alone when I say I buy and take far too many things on holiday with me. But hey, there’s nothing like a midday outfit change to spice up your sunbathing!

Something that’s been really catching my eye, which usually doesn’t, is swimsuits! Usually I’m your day-in-day-out bikini gal on holiday; swimsuits have only been worn for water parks or boat parties, because no one wants a bikini top to go flying!
However, I must say that the likes of InTheStyle, Boohoo etc… have really stepped up their swimsuit game. Different styles, colour, patterns. Have to say I am a fan.

As a result I came into the possession of what has now become my HOLY GRAIL swimwear piece!

This swimsuit completely changed my opinions of swimsuits. Instead of feeling boring n covered I actually felt, dare I say…sexy…in this little piece. The back is completely open which I love, and the pattern is so on trend. It does have a high leg and the booty is on show, so any views that swimsuits can’t be stylish and sexy are kicked out the door!

Any of you ladies who love black but think it’s not suitable for summer, here is your swimsuit! And I personally think because of the colour choice and stunning gold pattern, this would be so flattering on anyone.
It gave me so much confidence on holiday, particuarly towards the end of the trip when that lil food baby was well and truly popping, and I didn’t want my belly out.

This swimsuit is from Boohoo and only cost me £20, so no complaints from me or my bank account.
I will leave the website link for it right here for anyone interested: Boohoo Swimsuit

I would definitely recommend Boohoo for swimwear pieces. After purchasing multiple swimwear items this year from there (including a risky white one) the quality is really good and as always their prices are too sweet!

I mean of course I still love my cheeky bikinis, and obviously your belly is gonna get more tanned wearing a bikini…HOWEVER…this is 100% my favourite holiday purchase. It has completely made me rethink always wearing bikinis, and realise that swimsuits aren’t just practical but damn cute!

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Love Emma.x

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