My Summer Skin Care Picks

Summer well and truly hit England hard this year!  England has been fortunate enough to see a mini heatwave, and I for one have been loving it. From rooftop cocktail bars, to beach days, to just not having to wear a jacket, this weather has made me one happy gal. (It may be on the way out but I’m still hoping for those summery days to make a comeback!)

Fair to say I am not alone in this summer season rejoice, given that a couple weeks ago ‘Heatwave’ was trending on twitter! With England seeing weather that matches that in Tenerife, AND England made it to the semi-finals in the World Cup…what is there to complain about?

Oh wait… too hot to nap, underboob sweats and dried out skin! I already have dry skin but something about being in the sun makes my skin freak out and get super dry. So a decent skin care routine is essential for people like me.

Which is why I thought I would enlighten you guys on what products I will not part with when it comes to the summer season. All of the products I mention in this post were with me, in my suitcase when I went on holiday as they are the only products I trust on my skin when it comes to the heat.

From moisturisers to cleansing products, it’s all here…

Simple Purifying Cleansing Lotion and Toner
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Obviously a staple for any skincare routine, at any time of the year, is a cleanser! Even though the sun can do the most amazing job clearing out your skin, it is still essential to use effective cleansing products in your morning and nightime routine. There are so many brands that cater to skincare, which also retail for a variety of different prices. I’ve found that different products work well for different people and their skin types. So just because your friend adores one cleanser, it doesn’t mean it will be amazing for you.
For me, the Simple Skincare products are a go to. I have dry and very sensitive skin so products that have a lot of chemicals and perfumes in will make my skin blow up like a red tomato. With Simple I find they’re so affordable and actually work amazingly on my sensitive skin. Just to paint a picture for you: when I got my nose pierced this was actually recommended to me to sort out any infections or redness.


My new favourite duo…

Superdrug Vitamin C Nourishing Gel Moisturiser
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I am always on the look out for a new moisturiser as I love my skin feeling soft and hydrated. I find that I can use this particular moisturiser also as a primer…It was Kim Kardashian’s make-up artist that said that he rarely uses primers, and instead opts for moisturisers which can manipulate and prep the skin. This moisturiser, with it’s gel consistency leaves my skin feeling slightly tacky which is perfect for applying my foundation. Equally it performs amazing as a moisturiser as it does such a good job hydrating my skin, especially when it feels so dry.
It also makes my skin look so luminous and healthy, which is perfect for those beachy days when it’s far too hot for make-up but you still want your skin to look flawless. The perfect summer moisturiser really…

Superdrug Vitamin E Nourishing Eye Cream
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The perfect way to finish off moisturising my face is using an eye cream. This one in particular leaves my under eyes feeling so smooth and silky that I can’t wait to sit down and moisturise my face on a night. Especially on holiday when I was having late nights and early mornings, I felt that using this eye cream really energised my under eye skin so that I didn’t have to hide behind sunglasses.


The Body Shop Tea Tree Anti-Imperfection Daily Solution
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I spoke about how much I loved this in my Body Shop Skincare haul which I will leave linked here if you want to give it a read: A Body Shop Guide to Perfect Skin
Before I moisturise and after I have cleansed, I use this solution in areas where I am prone to blemishes and redness. I am not lieing when I say I see over-night results with this product- it is soo good.

If you want to see more skincare blog posts, let me know! And don’t forget to subscribe so you get a notification every time I upload a new post.

Love Emma.x

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