48 Hrs in Liverpool: Hotel, Food and more…

If you’ve ever spent longer than a coffee date with me, or even read a handful of my blog posts, you will know that I love going to new cities, visiting new hotels and exploring the restaurants/bars it has to offer. Last year I was swept up by my boyfriend and taken to Liverpool for a birthday mini break. Our hotel was stunning, we found some amazing bars and you know a big foodie like me was bound to find the best restaurants ever! We loved it so much that it was an obvious no-brainer where we wanted to go for a city break this summer.


So we had decided to go back to Liverpool and see what else we could find in the city. There was a hotel that I had heard about which I was dieing to try out and most importantly see if the hotel matched the stunning Instagram pics I’d seen, or whether it was just a damn good filter. The Titanic Hotel. And no it is not in the shape of a boat… It is, however, themed and decorated in mind of the famous White Star Liner, Titanic.

A stone wall is structured around the hotel. Bare brick walls are embellished with iron and metal features that create a rustic and pure tone to the interior decor. Or as my boyfriend put it, ‘Ooo doesn’t it look like an All Saints Shop’ – yes he actually said that.
The hotel embodies luxury to another degree. BOOJEE babes. Every wall, chair and piece of furniture appeared as if it had been fashioned by an Instagram guru. And to tie the overall finish up, there are historic images and references to the Titanic across each room and corridor. Whether that be a canvas, model of the ship or iconic newspaper headlines and quotes. There is no doubt that the building respects and honours the tragic story of Titanic with taste and elegance.

I will have to be honest that the hotel is a bit far out from the city center, AKA do not walk back from a night out in heels. A taxi number will become your new best friend staying at this hotel. This isn’t an issue seeing that taxis are incredibly cheap and literally EVERY taxi driver we had were so friendly and accommodating. One even recommended the next hotel we should stay at next time we come back to Liverpool!


If I hadn’t sold the hotel enough for you previously, get ready for the cherry on the sundae. Titanic Hotel has it’s own underground spa: Maya Blue Wellness. A selection of treatments are available, or you can simply make use of the incredible facilities such as the sauna, steam room and hydrotherapy pool. The exposed brick walls, low lighting and stunning features design the most picturesque environment to just relax. One step into the heated, hydrotherapy pool and I honestly felt my body enter relaxation mode. It’s as if the brick walls form a barricade from outside world stress. Be gone.

Food n Drinks

Possibly one of the most exciting part of a mini break…food! And let’s not forget cocktails, wine and gin. As we were there for a few nights we got the chance to try lots of new places. However, if I wrote about every single one then this blog post would be never ending, so I thought I would just talk about my favourite places.

As for drinks, obviously with Liverpool being such a vibrant city there are pubs, bars and cocktail gardens dotted in and out of the streets. To any complete newbies to Liverpool: Concert Square is basically a hub for drinking, socialising…they even have a shisha bar central to a selection of bars with music pouring through the doors. There is even a Coyote Ugly bar, which if dancing on a bar with girls in cowboy boots is your thing will spark your interest.
But one of my favourite places to have a drink was actually…drum roll please: our hotel. I swear I don’t secretly work for the hotel I just honestly loved staying there. They definitely had the best glass of pinot grigio, which tasted even sweeter surrounded by the stunning aesthetic of the hotel.

But for those of you who, like me, are all about food and eating out here are my top picks. Close to the center of Liverpool and practically next door to Liverpool Lime Street is Courtyard Bar and Kitchen. This place is all about tapas; small dishes ranging from seafood, burgers, meat and also vegetarian options. The menu is very creative and in my opinion could cater to a wide range of foodie preferences. We actually came here for lunch so the small sized dishes were ideal for refueling ourselves before exploring some more. However I must admit their meat and cheese sharing platters were definitely catching my attention. The decor is beautifully modern and classic with ivy and rose gold embellishments. An outdoor beer garden rests on the lower floor for a cute cocktail date. At the entrance is a sign claiming the specialise in brunch so obviously I just had to try out this place.

And for a second pick, which is a bit different and perhaps more edgy. For dinner one night we went to a place called Apocalypse Cow. It is located in the area of the Peaky Blinders Bar and the Baltic Market (which is also somewhere worth checking out, filled with street food counters). Apocalypse Cow is a lot more chilled out than your average restaurant, with paper plates and a quirky street food style. We got the best burgers there which were complimented perfectly with a drink from Birdies and BBQ Bar located next to the food counter. It’s an outdoor area decorated with wood features and flowers, making it the perfect date night place on a warm summer night.

Ghetto Golf

Now you may have read that subtitle and thought ‘what the hell is she on about now?’ and rightly so. Anyone looking for a fun date night that doesn’t just involve the same old boring routine of going to see a movie, or going out for a meal blah blah…boring. Ghetto Golf is mini golf, made cool….(and I know that sounds uncool to say but just stick with me on this).
Imagine a warehouse that has been transformed into a mini golf course like no other. The first hole is inside a caravan spray painted bright pink and orange. Climb up a staircase to see a skateboard ramp is the next mini golf hole. An adventure of 18 holes taking you up, down and around the warehouse, each one creatively designed with a unique theme and idea. All the while there is R&B music blasting through speakers and neon lights circling the area. In the center of the warehouse is a bar to make sure you don’t get too dehydrated after working so hard…at mini golf. However any excuses regarding your accuracy wavering after a few drinks are not accepted.
Would seriously recommend people!

And so we conclude this lil overview of what antics myself and Sam got up to in Liverpool. Even a second time, the city didn’t fail to surprise and delight me with what is has to offer. I was astonished to not feel an ounce of nostalgia. We didn’t go to the same places we visited the first time around and therefore didn’t feel like we were even in the same city. And yet we loved our mini break all the same.

I would seriously recommend visiting the city for yourselves, and most definitely the Titanic Hotel! Alternatively, last year we stayed in the Pullman Hotel on the docks which is also an amazing hotel, more central to the city.

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Love Emma.x

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