Beauty Snap Edit: Jordan Lipscombe

Just over here starting a new blog series ….let me explain what’s going on: The ‘Beauty Snap Edit’ is basically where I choose a look by an artist/blogger/celebrity that I am inspired by and recreate that look to the best of my ability. By doing this I can test out new colours for eye shadow I don’t usually reach for, new lip combos etc. It’s basically like the ‘I tried following a ____ tutorial’ from Youtube except instead of a video I just have the end result photo to go off. This way I can try different techniques and products to achieve a result inspired by that look.
I just want to add that I am in no way a make-up artist, I have no training, I know I’m not a professional etc etc. I literally just enjoy doing my make-up and experimenting with different colours and looks, and this is a new way to do just that.

SO for my first snap make-up look I wanted to choose a youtuber who I am really loving right now. I decided to go for Jordan Lipscombe because she is one of the few youtubers I am excited to watch every time she uploads. She is very entertaining and honest in her videos which I really respect. Plus she is straight up stunning and amazing at make-up.
When I was having a scroll (#stalk) down her Instagram and Youtube channel I didn’t even know what kind of look I wanted to do. And then this boy just flew out to me.

The colour in this is just mesmerising to me. I have never thought that blue eye shadow could be a thing, especially when it just reminds me of old school discos when you’d slap some blue cream eye shadow on your eyes. Fair to say I’m a little scarred when it comes to blue eye shadow… But hey when I saw this I was determined to face this fear and get into the blue vibe and recreate this look.

I have to say considering I was so nervous to try out blue eye shadow…I LOVE THIS LOOK. I really didn’t think the shades would suit me but I actually kinda like it. It is definitely outside my comfort zone but I am all about embracing some colour in my make-up. I posted it on my Instagram and I got so much love on it, so thank you to everyone who liked/commented over there!

To find out what products I used keep on reading…

Jordan used the Manny MUA collaboration with Lunar Beauty, ‘Life’s a Drag’ Palette which is all about bright colours. I personally don’t have that palette and I’m not overly interested in purchasing it, so I opted for a different, more affordable palette. To recreate the look I used the NYX Ultimate Shadow Palette in Brights.

This palette was perfect. Starting off with the lighter shades of blue, I gradually built up the darker blue shades in the crease, focusing darker shades particularly on the outer corner. I also made sure the lighter blue was brought into the inner portion of my eye, so that once the lid was cut with concealer there would still be elements of blue above. The colours blended seamlessly and had soo much pigment. I can’t wait to try the other shades in this palette because if they perform as well as the blue I will be extremely impressed. Compared to Jordan’s look which used the Manny MUA palette, the colours in the NYX palette are slightly lighter. There isn’t really a deep, deep blue in the palette so I had to mix some purple in there to try and replicate the colour of Jordan’s eye look as much as I could!

To finish off the eyes I used the shade Penguin from the Soph X Revolution palette to create the white cut crease lid. Followed my a pair of Tatti Lashes.

For the Face…

For foundation I used was a mix of the L’oreal True Match and LA Girl Pro Coverage, followed by the Revlon Colourstay Concealer. To add definition and colour into my face I used the Stila Shape and Shade Custom Contour Duo.
With the cream products on, I then set my face with the Lottie London Ready Set Go Loose Powder. To add some colour into my face I went in with the L’oreal Life’s a Peach Blush, before highlighting my face with the Revolution Beyond Radiance Palette.

For the Brows…

For a strong brow I used the Obsession Brow Pomade.

For the Lips…

The lip combo I went for to try and replicate Jordan’s light nude lip starts with lining my lips with the Charlotte Tilbury lip liner in Pillow Talk. Followed by the Revolution PRO liquid lisptick in Undressed from their Nudes Collection.

With that we come to the end of this ‘Beauty Snap’ blogpost, the first of many I hope. I really, really enjoyed taking inspiration from someone else and trying colours I probably wouldn’t reach for myself.
If you have anyone in mind, or a particular make-up look you would like to see me try and recreate, then let me know!

As I said, I know I am not a pro at make-up at all, this is all just for fun!

Love Emma.x

Instagram – emma_sandford
Twitter- itsemmasandford

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