Brunch at Moose Coffee: Liverpool City

When in doubt, go for brunch…is pretty much an undeclared motto for my life. Nothing can upset you with a coffee, croissant or bagel in hand, surrounded by your nearest and dearest in a cute lil cafe. I recently took a mini break to one of my favourite cities with my boyfriend, Liverpool. I wrote an entire blog post about our hotel, what we got up to and where we ate which I will leave linked here: Mini Break in Liverpool: Hotel, Food and More…. If you’re planning a trip to Liverpool at all or curious about why you should even consider visiting there, I would seriously recommend giving it a read!
On our final day, as we prepared to leave the city after exploring for a few days, we decided we needed a good feeding. We needed an A-class brunch that would see us through the long journey home. Luckily I had received a cheeky tip off of a place we needed to try out: Moose Coffee.

Moose Coffee is a small cafe that seems to have sky rocketed with a reputation for not just amazing coffee, but the best pancakes in Liverpool. So much so when we arrived they had ran out of pancakes. It’s okay though seeing as I’m definitely more of a waffle kind of gal.
With the sun being kind to us and shining down on the city, it made sense to sit outside and escape the busy and loud atmosphere inside. As a girl who would seriously consider putting ‘Queen of Brunch’ on her CV, I was shockingly impressed by their menu. They did seven types of eggs benedict…say what? However I was on holiday, calorie counting was not a part of the agenda and quite frankly they smelled amazing as waitresses walked past us: waffles were on the brain.

I have to say everything about the cafe was adorable. From the mugs decorated with moose antlers to the hanging chandeliers fashioned out of moose antlers. ‘Moose’ was most definitely a core theme in their choice for interior design. Sitting outside with traffic and people passing us by, the sun draping over the rooftops of the towering buildings around us, it was the perfect setting for our last meal in the city.

But enough chit chat about the picturesque environment, on to more interesting matters: how damn good those waffles were!

Sometimes plain n simple is the best way to go, and let me tell you these sweet waffles with a maple syrup drizzle were soooo delicious I quite frankly don’t know a good enough adjective to describe them justly. These were so perfectly sweet that I didn’t stop half way through feeling sickly n bloated. I cleaned that plate as if I was a dishwasher. Loud and proud.

Just don’t come at me with how many calories are in just one of those bad boy waffles.

If anyone is interested in visiting this cute little spot for some seriously good brunch I will leave the address here for you to copy n paste into Maps:

6 Dale Street 
L2 4TQ

For more recommendations on places to snack, eat n drink from this foodie…let me know!

Love Emma.x

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Twitter- itsemmasandford

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