Autumn/18 Trends to Look Forward To

Call me a traitor to summer holiday vibes, but I personally cannot wait for the Autumnal season to hit. Let’s be honest, with the cold weather England is experiencing at the minute, it’s had an early arrival. What’s not to love? Halloween, Bonfire Night, cosy nights in watching movies- and that’s not even mentioning the fashion. Autumn fashion sees the return of oversized jumpers, boots (ankle and knee high) and let’s not forget coats, coats, coats. Yes it is fair to say that I am hooked on Autumn.

As the new season approaches (or settles in should I say?) it is high time to be preparing and buying pieces for a new autumnal wardrobe. Ready to brace the colder times ahead. I have to say I am slightly disappointed that not more brands have brought out their autumn collections just yet. I know I like to be prepared but as September is upon us, it seems fair to expect a new line of jumpers ready to browse. You know?

One of my favourite ways to get inspired and organise a new wardrobe is using Pinterest. Looking at so many images of bloggers, fashion catwalks, outfit layouts etc. lets you get a feel for what styles and trends you like. I will leave a selection of images from my Pinterest profile, which have inspired my online shopping for the upcoming season. I will also leave my Pinterest account linked here: @itsemmasandford
So for this blog post I want to illustrate what particular trends I am most excited for this autumn.

Crop top- Boohoo / Trousers- New Look / Bag- Under Armour

  • Ditching Skinny Jeans

As much as I’m a sucker for a Topshop pair of Joni jeans, I’m so over the discomfort and restriction in tight skinny jeans. As I was scrolling through Pinterest I loved seeing trousers and jeans of all different colours, patterns and styles.

This autumn I am all on board for boyfriend cut and straight leg jeans.

  • Comfort Always

If ‘comfort always’ isn’t my motto for everyday wardrobe choices I don’t know what is. Hoodies are a direct ticket to straight up comfort. And you didn’t think I forgot about a classic jumper, did you? Whenever anyone thinks of autumn, they think of jumpers. This year I want to ensure I have a whole family of jumpers at my disposal when it comes to outfit planning this autumn. A style of jumper I have particularly got my eye on is high neck jumper, aka turtle necks.
I think jumpers and hoodies will look amazing underneath jackets of a variety of styles. Comfort and warmth, whilst still looking cute.

  • Patterns, Prints and Accessories

As much as I love a good staple, and I will not be ditching my staple wardrobe pieces at all. This autumn, however, I want to break out of the plain n simple box and introduce some colour, pattern and design into my outfits. Whether that is through handbags, accessories or even some statement wardrobe pieces. After looking on Pinterest I have got my sights on finding a pair of checked trousers, a woollen scarf that embodies some sort of pattern and anything that is a burnt orange colour.
Look out on my Instagram as I will be determined to find them!

  • Long Lined Coats

It is only natural that Autumn time calls for new coats. As it gets colder, the classic denim jacket just won’t do on an everyday basis. There are a number of styles which I have fallen in love with since Autumn 2017, including teddy bear, duster and puffer jackets. However, I have become a sucker for long lined coats, so I will be shopping specifically for that style jacket. I have loved seeing long lined coats on Pinterest being styled with oversized jumpers and boots, which I for one cannot wait to replicate with my own wardrobe pieces.

So there we have it; an insight into my excitement and preparation for Autumn 2018. You can expect to see more fashion posts on both my blog and Instagram featuring pieces and outfits from my new wardrobe.
The pictures used in this post are taken from Pinterest, more specifically my Pinterest board entitled AUT/18, which I will leave linked here: AUT/18

Hope you enjoyed this post as it is something different to my blog

Love Emma.x

Instagram – emma_sandford
Twitter- itsemmasandford

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