Sunday Roasts at Brinkburn Brewery: The Ultimate Roast Dinner

Sunday. A day to relax, refuel your body, contemplate the week, and most importantly…indulge in a roast dinner. Whether you prefer your potatoes mashed or roasted, whether you prefer a small trickle of gravy or a beefy flood over your meat and veg- it’s all about the roast.

I always believed that no one could beat a family home cooked roast dinner, hence why I’ve never been to Toby Carvery. (Hate to offend anyone with that news). However when I moved out I faced a problem, I can’t cook at all and leaning how to make a roast is like playing in the big leagues of cooking. Not prepared for that stress, thank you very much.

Thankfully, coming to my rescue, one of my boyfriend’s favourite beer brewery (Brinkburn Brewery) announced how they’ve started to serve Sunday roasts. Since myself and Sam had already eaten there before, I have to admit I was not only excited to try, but had very high expectations…
To make things even better, Sam entered a competition Brinkburn was hosting on Facebook, and he won!
So we were gifted a complimentary 2 course meal and a free bottle of wine. Free food and wine= a happy lil me.

Onto food, food, food.

We were given the option of beef and pork for our roast dinner. (As well as a vegan option). As we were seated at our reserved table, we were greeted with a bottle of pinot and a mouthwatering smell from the open kitchen hatch. The smell of roasted meat and vegetables pouring out. By the time our food came, my mouth was watering…

As for the main event: meat.
I opted for roast pork and I can honestly say it was amazing from it’s taste, texture and flavour. It was cooked so perfect, that as I cut into it, the meat just pulled away effortlessly. In addition, there was crackling surfacing the meat that was crisp and delicious.

And then we go onto all the trimmings, from potatoes, to veg, to gravy….where do I begin?

Upon arrival our plates were filled with meat, a large yorkshire pudding that Aunt Bessie would be jealous of, roast potatoes seasoned with rosemary and a carrot & swede mash. We were then delivered a platter of additional vegetables to compliment our roast to our preference. From red cabbage, to a band of peas and sugar snaps. And my boyfriend would be offended if I did not mention the brown ale cauliflower cheese- it’s not my cup of tea -but he cleaned out that pot of cheesy veg. I for one loooved the roasties and my only complaint would be that three is not enough. Next time I may have to order a side of roasties to satisfy my love for them!

Just as a sidenote: Brinkburn also offers a vegan option for those who prefer a plant base diet. I didn’t try this option so cannot cast an opinion, however following my experience I would seriously recommend you giving it a try.

This Sunday roast menu is available at Brinkburn Brewery Street Bar and Kitchen on Sundays only- keeping the Sunday roast traditional ya know.
They also do other food menus and drinks if you can’t wait until then!

Once again thank you to everyone at Brinkburn for their amazing hospitality and service. And thank you for rescuing my craving for a Sunday roast, that didn’t involve me having to learn how to cook OR wash up afterwards.

You can follow me on Instagram to keep up with my foodie adventures, and see where else my appetite takes me…

Love Emma.x

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Twitter- itsemmasandford

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