Halloween Queen of Hearts Look

Halloween is practically upon us, and although some of you may be sulking under your duvet complaining about Summer’s departure, there are those of us who are embracing the spooky season with open arms. This blog post is for you guys. With pumpkins stocked in every supermarket, AND Pinterest folders full to the brim with Halloween ideas, how could I not get excited about getting some fake blood, bright colours and getting creative? Last year I dived into Halloween make-up and loved the killer clown look I created, which if you didn’t see I will link here: Killer Clown Halloween Look. I have been loving seeing all of the Halloween looks on Instagram and Youtube, especially Keilidh MUA’s #FREAKWEEK. So here I am kicking off my first contribution to the Halloween make-up community….

So for my look I decided I wanted to ditch the classic skeleton, vampire, werewolf blah blah blah…been there seen that. Instead I wanted to go down the more Disney, fairytale character and put my own lil spin on it. This year, I also wanted to challenge myself by working with liquid latex, which is a whole new territory of unknown for me….this is just the fraction of the brain thinking process that landed me with this really easy to achieve yet effective Queen of Hearts inspired make up look!

Lil disclaimer: As always I just want to add in here that I am in no way a professional, I just love playing around with make-up- and Halloween make-up is of no exception. I don’t mean to offend anyone if I don’t do something right within any of my beauty posts or looks, hey no ones perfect. 

I absolutely adore Alice in Wonderland- it was one of my favourite books as a kid and I couldn’t think of a better villain to portray on Halloween than the Queen of Hearts. Obviously her character is iconic- and yet her make-up/overall look is non-defined and completely influenced by different artists and creators every time you see her, e.g from the classic Disney cartoon to the human remake. So as I approached this idea I focused on specific elements of her look, such as the colours red, black and blue, small lips AND of course the heart shape. This look was so easy to create and yet I think it looks amazing! (If I do say so myself- calm down Emma…) If you would like to know how I got this look in more detail, plus all the products and techniques I used then do keep reading.

For my eye make-up I didn’t want to do anything too freaky as the main features would be added with the liquid latex. So I opted for a red cut crease that I deepened with an intense smoke, blacked outer corner. Red+black being the colours she wears, and the colours of a pack of playing cards. The palette I used to create this was the Revolution X Soph Original palette, using shades such as Danger, Pumpkin and Nightmare. All very fitting names for Halloween might I add… I also added a pop of blue using the NYX Ultimate Brights palette inspired by the Disney human remake of Alice in Wonderland’s Queen of Hearts, who wears an intense, eye catching blue eye shadow. I really wanted to incorporate the bright blue to bring a lil pop of colour to the look.
I then added some lashes, mine are by Tatti Lashes.

Time for the extra details…

After finishing the eyes I simply used my eye shadow brush that still had some red eye shadow left and traced it down my cheeks as if I had been crying. It’s such a simple trick but I think it makes the look less polished and clean. It is a Halloween look after all.

I then went in with a white and black liquid liner to draw little dots around my eyes- tapping into the cartoon element of the character. I also drew a love heart and a Q by the side of my eye to replicate what you would see on a Queen of Hearts playing card. The white liner was great for highlighting and really making small details like this pop. Both liners that I used were from NYX.

I then drew a bigger love heart above and below my other eye, with a line running down between them. Again I used a black liquid liner and a white liner to highlight. This almost reminds me of how clown make-up is often drawn, but I think it looked really cool and tied together the aesthetic of the look.

For my lips I simply used a super pale nude lipstick to colour my lips, and very softly applied a red eye shadow in the center to form a faint heart shape. I didn’t want this to be too in your face or harsh as there is already so many aspects of the look going on.

Adding the Liquid Latex…

So to anyone who has never seen Alice in Wonderland or even read the book…first of all go watch it please…and then you will know that the Queen of Heart’s iconic line is ‘Off with her head’. So what better way to introduce myself to working with liquid latex then slicing open my neck as if someone had turned around and tried to chop off my own head?

To manipulate and create my sliced neck, I used pieces of ripped up tissue, liquid latex and a Primark beauty blender. I would suggest using a tool that you don’t mind getting ruined as liquid latex can get everywhere, especially when you’re just getting used to using it. For anyone who is interested I used the Revolution Liquid Latex which literally cost £3- so affordable, basically the price of a coffee, I know right! So to begin I started by layering pieces of tissue and liquid latex around my neck, drying each layer before applying another one on top. Latex, tissue, latex, dry, latex, tissue, latex, dry…you following? You want to make sure it’s thick before you start any painting or cutting so that it looks as much skin-like as you possibly can. Once thick enough, you can cut and rip a slice across your neck, tearing at the edges to make it look more life-like. And then you can start painting. I went over the latex with my regular foundation and added more skin colours, creating shadows and bruising using the Revolution HD Powder Contour Kit.

Seeing as she is the Queen of Hearts after all, it was only fitting to have a Queen of Hearts playing card projecting out of my forehead- casual. I have seen this on Pinterest so much and I was dieing to try it out! Just follow the same process of layering latex and tissue as I described above to ensure the card is stuck to your forehead, or anywhere you want it.

And that is the end of my FIRST Halloween make-up look. That’s right guys and gals I specifically said ‘first’ as there are more coming your way. So if you’re not in the spooky spirit just yet, I’m coming for ya. I didn’t go into hair and outfit etc but if that is something you guys would want me to also start featuring then let me know down below.

You can expect to see more Halloween looks not just here but also over on my Instagram, so make sure you follow me over there…@emma_sandford
Plus if you are needing a lil boost of inspiration for your own Halloween looks you can follow my Pinterest account here: Pinterest: itsemmasandford. Pinterest is the place to be for any make-up, fashion, home styling (pretty much anything) inspiration!

I really hope you enjoyed reading, and good luck with your own Halloween make-up creations!

Love Emma.x

Instagram – emma_sandford
Twitter- itsemmasandford

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