The Ultimate Halloween Lookbook

Halloween is almost upon us and I can practically hear Jack the Skeleton himself suiting and booting…time to dress up. For most people, Halloween is a time of fun, choosing outfits, carving pumpkins, watching Hocus Pocus, fab. For people in the make-up industry: Halloween truly is hell, they seem to be bouncing look after look after look out onto the internet for all of us lads and lasses to amaze in shock and awe. After dabbling into the art of Halloween make-up myself, I must admit it is tiring. It takes time, concentration, creativity…and then you have to wash it off which takes hours and hours, and feels as if your skin is being ripped off your body by your sponge. I’m still finding fake blood stains all over my body. But hey, it’s Halloween and it’s all part of the spooky season fun.

But here for you today is my promise. I said in my last Halloween make-up post that I would be bringing you more looks to inspire you…or just laugh at my sucky attempt. Whichever you prefer really. HOWEVER, there is not one, not two but a whole LOOKBOOK of Halloween make up looks. Looks for people who love getting stuck in with SFX and fake blood, people who wanna look cute and people who CBA but their friends are forcing them to make some effort. I got you all lovelies.

So take a look, take a peak and get creative.

The Scary Girl

These looks are for the girls who want to stick to the roots of Halloween: being scary. The gal who wants to ditch the Gypsy Shrine jewels and booby tops, and the idea of being a sexy cat makes them want to scream. Pass the fake blood, contact lenses…and some more fake blood.

Pumpkin Demon…

What do you get when you attempt to do a cute pumpkin make-up look but it turns out super creepy? Pumpkin demon, it’s a thing OK. Using simply orange, yellow and black eye shadow, and let’s not forget the trusty black liquid liner, this look is so easy to create and is the perfect Halloween look to make your friends jump.

The Witch…

This look was actually inspired by Cara Delevingne’s character in the film, Suicide Squad. The contrast of the white skin and deep, black eyes is so effective, plus the creepy script writing scrawled across my forehead is just the spooky cherry on top! (Did I really just say spooky cherry?)

The Glam Girl

This is for any one who wants to embrace the Halloween spirit, but still wants to feel a lil sexy and a lil glam – or at least as much as you can with fake blood thrown on you.

The Clown…

Clown’s were such a trend last year and I see no reason why it can’t follow through to Halloween 2018. Take a simple clown make-up look, throw on some blood and a big pair of hoops, and you’re instantly more glam.

I actually did this make-up look last year and for a more in depth tutorial I will leave the link here: Killer Clown Halloween Look

The On-Trend Girl

So if clowns were SO 2017, what is the big vibe of 2018? Skulls. Whether it’s the classic black and white design or something with a little bit more edge.

Pink UV Skull…

I have seen literally hundreds of different takes on the skull make-up look on Instagram, one of my favourites being James Charles’ take on a skull from last year. This pink UV skull is inspired by his look. However I still LOVE how it turned out and cannot express how effective it looks after some time and effort. (I must say that a white liquid liner will be your BFF when it comes to this look!)

Rainbow Skull…

And for anyone of you out there who just want to be that little bit extra, using the same design and technique as the pink skull, just add more colour for a stunning rainbow skull.

The SFX Girl

The world of SFX is new to me, and 2018 was my first attempt at trying out liquid latex. I really dived into the world of cuts and gory make-up. Fair to say I loved it, even if my pyjama bottoms are still stained from all the fake blood.

Queen of Hearts…

This was the first look I did this year AND the first I posted on my blog for this Halloween as well. For a full in depth blog post all about how to create this Alice in Wonderland inspired make-up look, I will leave the link here: Halloween Queen of Hearts Look

And with that we have arrived to the end! I hope you loved my mini lookbook of Halloween looks just as much as I loved creating them.

Obviously this focused more on the make-up aspect of Halloween, but for fashion ideas just simply head to the PLT, Missguided or In The Style website!

Until the next time lovelies, and have a happy Halloween…

Love Emma.x

Instagram – emma_sandford

Twitter- itsemmasandford

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