Let me set the scene for you: Newcastle Central Station, Platform 10, and there’s a blonde gal running in heels towards the (near enough) departing train. Hey, I’m the blonde gal, hello! The embarrassment of running in a public space, when it’s very evident that I can’t run or do any form of sporting activity, was completely worth it… I was actually on my way to a blogger event at the newly opened Revolution in Durham (@revolutiondurham).

For any of you who have never heard of Revolution, first of all…how? Revolution is a cocktail bar and restaurant chain which are based in over 55 locations up and down the country- and let me be the first to tell you they are 100% insta-worthy bars. Alongside some of the most creative cocktails and foodie choices, Revolution are known for their 18 different flavoured vodkas!

That’s right, 18 different flavours, including Jelly Baby, Pear drop, Peachy Cheeks, even Mr Whippy!

So hopefully, after my attempt at painting how fabulous the business is, you’ll understand that after being invited to go to their blogger event with my fellow blogger chum, Alice, how could I refuse?

Upon arrival we were greeted with a glass of prosecco (fabulous) and a warm welcome from the team at Revolution. Everyone was so friendly and the communication throughout the entire event was exceptional.

Whenever I walk into a bar, my attention is drawn to decor. What’s the vibe like? Is it very ‘instagrammable’? Where are the good photo opportunities? Well ladies and gents, don’t you fret because (like most Revolution bars) the decor gets a gold star from me. The walls are stripped back to brick and concrete, demonstrating a modern, cool vibe, which is complimented perfectly by plush seating and glossy plants dotted across the room. If you can’t find me, I’ll be stood at the huuuge bar trying to decide which cocktail I’m in the mood for, then you can expect to find me making a fool of myself on the dance floor.
And then we traverse upstairs to the terrace, oh yes, a terrace! Overlooking Durham’s picturesque views, including the castle and the river, the terrace is the perfect location to indulge in bottomless brunch or a round of cocktails!

So what do you do with a room full of influencers? Cocktail making classes of course.
We got the chance to not only get a preview and taste their new Christmas cocktails, we got to make one! From Sugar Plum Punch to a Harry Potter inspired Butter Beer! But for me I took one look at the S’more the Merrier cocktail and I knew it was the one for me. Love at first sight you know?
However…when it came to making the cocktails, I have to say, I have the same technique in cocktail making as I do cooking in my kitchen. Making a mess, 0 skill, a lot of winging it and praying that it works! For the first time ever I actually DID OKAY!

Fair to say I’ll be leaving the cocktail making to the professionals… I prefer being on the other side of the bar anyway!

On to the most important thing: fooood.
In the past I have always loved eating at Revolution- the burgers are always amazing! Consequently, I was very excited to get to our festive banquet! We were sat in a grand booth situated next to a window which overlooked the castle, and were greeted with an array of dishes. We were informed how the creators of the menus wanted a food selection that would match the creativity of the drinks menu, which is a concept I am fully on board with! From chai nachos, to mozzarella balls with a sun dried tomato salad. Hot pink beetroot hummus to honey glazed sausages.
It was also made clear that they had made a conscious effort to create a menu which also catered for vegetarians! Love love love!

Overall I thoroughly LOVED the event at Revolution. The organisation and ideas behind the entire night were amazing, and it was such an honour to have even been there!
I met some amazing people, and found a new favourite bar to visit when I’m in Durham. Without a doubt, I would 100000% recommend Revolution Durham to anyone visiting Durham for some fabulous food n drinks.
I will list the website and location of Revolution Durham below:

Revolution Website: Click here…
Revolution Durham: 1-4 North Rd, Durham DH1 4PW

Thank you to everyone involved with the event!

Love Emma.x

Instagram – emma_sandford
Twitter- itsemmasandford

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