A Festive Checklist for the Christmas Season

No matter how old I get, Christmas is always my favourite time of year. Sure, as the innocence of childhood slips away with every glass of pinot, certain elements of Christmas become obsolete. I no longer force myself to stay awake in the hope I can hear reindeer hooves landing on my roof. I no longer sit and write a letter to Santa. I now have a job where I have to work Christmas Eve, as opposed to leaving a carrot and mince pie at the bottom of the stairs for potential house visitors. Christmas has indeed changed, but that somewhat ‘Christmas magic’ has managed to stick around to make this the most wonderful time of the year.

So I couldn’t go through the festive season without creating my ultimate Christmas checklist of what to do at Christmas…

Christmas Markets

If this isn’t the number one Christmas tradition for everyone I will be shocked. Visiting Christmas markets, to me, is like a festive ritual. Since I live in Newcastle, I have the Newcastle Christmas markets right on my doorstep; I can pass by as I grab my morning coffee. However, I see this time of year the perfect opportunity for a little city break.
I looooove York, it is such a beautiful, traditional and quirky city. Plus their Christmas markets are amazing..so try and guess where we went?

Ice Skating

Now if you’re imagining me gliding across an ice-rink, one leg in the air and spinning in a circle under twinkling Christmas lights…you could not be more wrong. Instead, you should imagine the scene where Bambi is straddling and stumbling all over the place because that’s a more accurate representation. Nevertheless, it certainly sets the festive mood, and you can always hang onto the edge for that ‘oh so cute’ pic- I know that’s what I did!
The one I went to is in Newcastle Winter Village near the Life Centre.

Drinks at the Tipi

What’s Christmas without the celebration? The past few years it has become a tradition for cities to create giant tipi bars in the city centre, and I for one love it. Newcastle tipi is named after Hadrian, whereas York’s is named after Thor. If only Chris Hemsworth was waiting inside with a bottle of prosecco. The log fire and wooden aesthetic is so Christmassy and cozy that I could not recommend it more.

Christmas Movie Night

With the festive season comes a whirlwind of Christmas songs, drinks, treats and my personal favourite Christmas movies!! Grab your chosen movie night snack; mine and Sam’s are pringles, popcorn, hot chocolates and biscuits. I say snack…I mean feast.
My top three Christmas movies are:
1. The Grinch
2. The Holiday
3. Love Actually
(Oooo I also really like Home Alone and Arthur Christmas hehe!)

What are your favourite Christmas movies? 
Let me know in the comments below or message me directly on Instagram

Love Emma.x

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Twitter- itsemmasandford

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