The James Charles Palette: Worth the money??

I know I am ridiculously, beyond fashionably, late to the party, HOWEVER, I am finally here to give my opinion on the revolutionary Morphe X James Charles Artistry palette.

This palette, let’s just review what this single palette achieved before it even arrived at my doorstep. It broke world records for how quick it sold out! By the third relaunch, I finally got my hands on it! Using code ‘JAMES’ for 10% off of course.
The palette is filled with 39 shades, retails at £39 which means it costs £1 a shade. The shades range from bright colours, neutral warm tones and glittery shimmer shades. The idea is that this single palette can complete ANY eyeshadow look- it even comes with a blush and highlighter. So can the eyeshadow palette that claims to go above and beyond, really live up to such high expectations? (The short answer: yes)

After using the palette for a few weeks now, I can confirm that this is now my favourite palette without a doubt! Whether you are using the bright colours to create a vivid and ‘instagrammable’ look, or just for a sweet n sultry smokey eye…this palette does it all. Round of applause Mr Charles. My favourite colours are:
-Bee (a bright yellow)
-So Good (light shimmery gold, which I sometimes use as a highlighter as well)
-Love That (dark pink/purple matte)
-Playground (a bright blue)

Despite all the drama that emerged surrounding the swatches of the palette, I personally think on the eyes the shades are insanely pigmented. Equally, the colours blend seamlessly, requiring little to no effort. So although James said this would be amazing for professional make-up artists, I think this would be the perfect palette for anyone interested in make-up.

But words mean nothing without proof. Therefore, I had some playtime playing with the palette and trying as many colours as I could. That is how I ended up with one face and two different eye looks…

On one side of my face, I went for a pink/purple blown out crease, with a firey coloured half-cut crease using some of my favourite shades.
(Shades used: Love That, Escape, Flashback, Bee, 518, Rusted)
Whereas on the other side I went for a purple/blue/green smokey eye with a small halo eye effect.
(Shades used: Love That, Escape, Pinkity Drinkity, Cola, Brother, Daddy, Social Blade, Flashback)

For some added glitter I used the Urban Decay Heavy Metals Glitter Liner in Distortion.

So to tie this review up in a neat little bow: I LOVE THIS PALETTE.
I recommend that as soon as it is back in stock you grab that baby and purchase it right away! You will not be disappointed.

Love Emma.x

Instagram – emma_sandford
Twitter- itsemmasandford

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