Trends I used to HATE, that I now LOVE…

One of the most exciting things about fashion is the trends it creates, or in some cases reinvents. Whether it’s animal print, neon colours or even simple mom jeans (which kicked my Topshop Joni jeans right out my wardrobe). Some trends I love, but there have also been some total flops- for me anyway. Fashion is sooo subjective in my opinion, for example, what looks good on my bestie could look horrific on me. With trends: you love some, you hate some, that’s the circle of life.

However, recently I have found myself falling in love with fashion trends that I had already placed in the box of ‘Trends I WILL NOT be Buying Into‘. Whilst I’m shopping, I find myself drawn to colours, patterns and styles that I told myself I didn’t like. So here I am admitting my new found loves which I may have already told you I hated. Ooops, don’t hate me- a girl can change her mind!

Animal Print

Dress- Nasty Gal

This is a biggie! I used to avoid animal print as if my life depended on it. Whether it was the image of Kat Slater haunting me in the back of my mind, or the fear of such a bold pattern washing out my pale complexion…I thought it wasn’t for me. However, if you have me on Instagram you will know that my fears have well and truly left the building, as I am now…obsessed.

Big, CHUNKY Trainers


This has been a gradual process; slowly but surely, I have been getting into the ‘trainers scene’. Let me explain: I used to be a die-hard boots girl and hated trainers entirely. Then I bought some Reebok Classic trainers because there were too comfy not to take home with me. And from there came the big-ass, chunky sole trainers- Fila Disrupter trainers. AKA my babies.
I see people on twitter bitching about girls who walk around in these ‘stomper’ trainers. A year ago I would’ve agreed with them, but right now I’m living a good life in my ‘stompers’.


Short necklace- Accessorize
Long necklace- Topshop

This sounds so general, but there are so many trends that revolve around accessories that have recently bought a place in my heart. For me, accessorising used to translate to wearing my Tiffany necklace and a pair of silver hoops. Done. Whereas now, some mornings I will tailor an outfit around one accessory I’d fallen in love with. From baker boy hats to vintage sunglasses to scrunchies… Recently I’ve been loving layering necklaces which may seem so minor in the grand scheme of accessorising- but for this minimalist, it’s a big step.

What trends are you discovering guilty pleasures for?

Love Emma x

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Twitter- itsemmasandford

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