Falling in love with @TopshopBEAUTY

This Valentine’s season I’m all about the newly revamped beauty line at Topshop. That’s right, the clothing brand we all love and adore has branched out into the beauty industry, and I for one think they are killing it.

As you may have seen if you follow me on Instagram (@emma_sandford), I was so so excited to receive a bunch of Topshop Beauty products after becoming a part of their community of Brand Fans. *screams excitedly for a good few minutes* I am so beyond overwhelmed and excited to be a part of the movement, especially when I absolutely adore the brand Topshop- I mean who doesn’t…

So just a bit of context for anyone who is a lil bit confused. Topshop had a small selection of beauty products back in the day. However, those days are over and long live the exciting relaunch of Topshop Beauty; a range of new products, new formulas, new amazing-ness!!

You can shop the range here: Topshop Beauty

Shop Topshop Beauty here…

So let’s dive into the goodies. The brand, spanking new Topshop Beauty range offers everything you could need in your make-up bag: foundation, primer, highlighter, eyeshadow etc.
Everything, and I mean everything, is so affordable which is something I am 100% on board with.
And finally, but still oh so important, the products are cruelty free with a gold standard rating for no testing on animals which is amazing! Round of applause for Topshop!

On to some of my favourite pieces from the collection…

Shop Topshop Beauty here…

Glow Powder Highlighter in Crescent Moon

The first thing is the new powder highlighters (they also have some blinding liquid highlighters if that is more your cup of tea).
This highlighter is just stunning! It’s not crazy metallic or OTT, it leaves a shimmering glow which is perfect for everyday make-up.
It is the perfect shade as I can wear it with my natural skin tone and when I have a lil bit of fake tan on. As a result, it has occupied a place in my everyday make-up bag that I reach for every morning!

Shop Topshop Beauty here…

Longwear Liquid Lipstick in Adore

In my opinion, everyone with a love for make-up endures a personal mission to find the perfect nude…well I have finally found mine!

This lightweight, liquid lipstick is so wearable and long lasting that it has kicked every single other nude in my collection out of the window. Bye bye! You can touch up throughout the day following drink and snack times without it looking caked up or crusty. These lipsticks also come in sooo many other shades which I wasted no time in purchasing for my collection.

Chameleon Lip Gloss in Epaulette

Mark the calendar and let it be known that 2019 is the year that I fell in love with lip gloss. These chameleon lip glosses by Topshop are the highlight of the show. They have a stunning duo-chrome effect glow that reflects different colours depending on the angle. Therefore, they are a selfie queen’s BFF.

Together these two lip products make the PERFECT duo for everyday and even night time glam!

You can shop all of these products and so much more in store and on the Topshop website: Shop Topshop Beauty here…

Have you tried any of the new Topshop Beauty products yet? What are your favourites?

Love Emma.x

Instagram – emma_sandford
Twitter- itsemmasandford

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