The Only Face Mask You Need…@Procoal

Someone very wise once said that the key to flawless make-up is an equally flawless skincare routine. Starting with a good base with the intention for good things to follow…start as you mean to go on, you know? As a result, I have made it a personal mission to find my die-hard skin care routine and products- especially now I’m in my 20s!!

So just a little back story: I have very dry skin. From my chin, nose, top of my cheeks, forehead (anywhere on my face really); if I neglect my skin it’ll make me suffer!

The brand Procoal very kindly sent me some of their InstaClear Control Masks: a purifying charcoal sheet mask that contains the quantity of one bottle of serum. An entire bottle!! When I first read the packaging I had to do a double-look as my brain contemplated, ‘How can so much skincare goodness fit into one sheet mask???

This mask hydrates your skin and calms redness/flaking. So as you can imagine, as soon as it popped through my letterbox I was like a child on Christmas Day.

A couple more things about the facemasks:
– a blend of premium extracts: hydrolyzed rice bran and white willow bark
-targets blemishes and troubled areas
-calms redness and refines pores
-leaves a radiant complexion
-Cruelty-Free!!! (10 points to Gryffindor!)

Here are my thoughts and opinions…

So me and my boyfriend, Sam, had a very chilled night watching movies, eating snacks and trying out the Procoal face masks.
As soon as I put the face mask o my first impression was it is…very…WET. But I’m guessing the idea is that all that moisture will sink into the pores and cracks in my face.

You leave the masks on for 15-20 mins. Once time is up, something I adore about these masks is that you do not have to wash anything off. You simply peel off the mask and rub in the leftover residue into your skin.

No fuss, no mess and no endless scrubbing…

After taking the mask off I must say: my skin was glowing!! Martians on the moon would notice that glow.
Plus my skin did feel so soft and silky. And for any gents out there, Sam agreed with my conclusions. However, we did have some technical difficulties as the mask just could NOT stick to his beard.
Additionally, I will admit that after a few days I couldn’t really notice the benefits again, my skin was back to it’s grouchy, dry ways. So unlike my other face masks, this one would have to be implemented a few times a week into your routine. Luckily since it is so quick and easy that shouldn’t be too much of an issue!

So, would I recommend this face mask? Absolutely!
It’s quick, easy and super hydrating…no overpowering smell, endless scrubbing over the sink or mess.

Click here to shop: InstaClear Control Facial Masks
Click here to shop: Procoal Website

What are your go-to skincare products?

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