Blogging Event with Be3-EVOLUTION

A chance to meet new people, explore new products and let’s not forget the chance to indulge in a cheeky cocktail or two…what is not to love?
I was lucky enough to get to attend the PR event for the UK launch of Be3-Evolution, an Italian skincare company! This brand promotes vegan skincare products including a wide range of sunscreens, hydration mists, fake tan and much more…
Of course, the fact they are ethical and promote vegan products is a triumphant 10/10 from me already!

The event was hosted at The Holy Hobo- a trendy bar in the city centre that admittingly has popped up on my Instagram profile multiple times in the past! It has an urban, edgy vibe with Instagrammable features from every angle. For a choice of venue, Be3 got it spot on.

Upon arrival, a cocktail was placed in hand (always appreciated) and we were able to take a first look at the products that had been laid out on the table. We also got a chance to speak to the girls behind the brand who had organised the entire event. They were so welcoming, informative and chatty! Fabulous! Then the food was brought out…the fabulous-ness continued! We were surrounded by plates of food prepared by Holy Hobo; halloumi fries, meatballs, sourdough bread, kale crisps and olives.

Shop Be3-Evolution here…

After being told EVERYTHING there is to know about the products and the brand, we were allowed to have a little bit of play time. Exploring which products we liked the best, chatting with the girls and obviously getting a couple photos!
It is fair to say that I will be keeping my skin protected, hydrated and tanned thanks to Be3!

My favourite products are:
The Hydration Mania Body Spray
(Click here to shop)
The Miracle Self Tanning Spray
(A Brand New Product New to Be3)

I absolutely love the packaging of Be3 products. The colours are vibrant and exciting. In addition, they are the perfect, travel-friendly size, which is a BIG YES from me as these products will definitely be following me on my holidays in 2019!

Top- Pull & Bear
Trousers- Pretty Little Thing

I had so so much fun at the event, and am overwhelmed to be surrounded by such talented people, YouTubers and bloggers!
Thank you so much to everyone at Be3-Evolution for everything, and Holy Hobo for being a fab venue.

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  1. This looks like so much fun! I had never heard of this brand before I’ll have to check it out 😬 out of interest, how do you get involved in events like this?? I’ve always wondered! (If you don’t mind me asking) xx

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