Newbies in my Wardrobe | March 2019

I dunno what Nero has been putting in my coffee, but damn…I’ve been shopping so much recently. I don’t know what it is, but the shops are killing it with new seasons and new trends. How could I help myself?
So as my collection of new pieces grew and grew, what better time to write a post highlighting the very best? Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram (@emma_sandford), where you can see all my outfits.

Yellow Champion T-Shirt

There is always room for comfortable tees in my wardrobe. Plus, with the hope for more summery seasons I am slowly bringing more colour into my wardrobe. Say hello to yellow! This classic Champion tee is the perfect fit and feel, should I just go get another colour already?

H&M Highwaist Black Trousers

I have been on the hunt for a new pair of trousers for so, so long…and finally the wait is over. These fit perfectly! The straight cut makes your legs look so long and slim; plus paper bag highwaist trousers, in my opinion, are always the most flattering style. The fabric tie belt really cinches in your waist, giving you the ultimate shape. Stun-ning!

Urban Outfitters Oversized Tee

Again, another comfy tee because, hey, you can never have too many. This UO oversized tee is just so cool, especially with the contrast of the minimal front and jam-packed back design. And just a lil secret: it’s actually from the men’s section, which means it’s super oversized and super comfy. The mix of bold black lines and neon pink captured my heart, and before I knew it I was paying at the till!

Topshop Ribbed Skinny Joggers

As opposed to big, baggy joggers- which don’t get me wrong, are so comfy -I have been desperate for some more ‘dressy’ joggers. Still comfortable, but when I wear them, my outfit still looks put together and like I have made a lil effort. These ones from Topshop are so comfy and surprisingly really flattering!

Topshop Snake Skin Bag

And my obsession with bags continues…welcome the newest addition to my collection. I absolutely love the shape and colour; it will look gorgeous in the summer when I have more of a tan! Shoulder bags that fit under your arms are so on trend, and I am living for it.

Adidas Vintage Black//White Jumper

When I saw this I fell in love. It was a case of ‘I see it, I want it. I want it, I got it’. Straight into my basket and before I knew it I was receiving the order confirmation email. How did that even happen?… I then later saw Sarah Ashcroft post an insta photo wearing the same jumper which just made me think, YES, good decision hun.

This will 100% be appearing in my Prague wardrobe next month!! Keep an eye out guys!

As I said make sure you’re following me on Instagram to see everything fashion, beauty etc: @emma_sandford

If you like this style of post, please do let me know!

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