A Week in Photos | 25.3

Hello. ello. Something a bit different for my lil spot on the internet… I was reading one of my favourite blog’s- The Little Plum -and I saw her new post which featured a series of photos depicting one week in her life. I thought this was such a cute way to showcase what you get up to during the week to all of your readers.
So, just like that, here is my rendition!

Everything I got up to the past week through the lens of my iPhone!

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Monday- what better way to kick start the week than date night? Sam and I were living our greatest pizza fantasy at Pizza Punks- one pizza, ultimate toppings, any pizza lovers out there who haven’t checked this place out need to book an Uber ASAP. Whilst cradling my lil food baby, me and the boyfriend strutted to a few of our favourite bars in Newcastle, (it was date night after all). Definitely had worst Mondays.

Tuesday- Tuesday was such a student day. A lecture here, a seminar there, and all the rest of the time was spent in the library. I have been researching and typing away at my assignments so when the dreaded deadline day looms closer, I can leave the panicking in 2018. This year is all about being organised and having my sh*t together- at least that’s the plan anyway. Of course I also had to have a lil coffee break to re-boot and re-fuel, which called for one thing: a Cafe Nero coffee break with Sam.

Wednesday- this week I actually had such a sweet and spontaneous Wednesday. After my morning lecture, Sam and I hopped on the Metro to Sunderland for some shopping and, of course, food. After hitting the independent shops- I would seriously recommend Port Independent -we made our way to 808 Bar & Kitchen. This STUN-NING bar hosted our feast of calamari, pizza and the grand finale: creme-egg pancakes!

Thursday- after spending all day working in the library, I spent my Thursday evening at a blogger event at the new, and highly anticipated restaurant/bar in Newcastle: Banyan. I was introduced to some of the highlights off of the food menu, new and exciting cocktails and of course the totally instagrammable decor! From floral ceilings to UV lights at every corner, Banyan is without a doubt the place for anyone looking to get that perfect insta pic.

Friday- a train ride home with a dress and a pair of heels in my bag; Friday was spent with my family, and my boyfriend’s family, at a local charity gala raising money for Roy Castle’s Lung Cancer Foundation. The evening was filled with prosecco, music, and dancing with my favourite people in the world. I even scored 2 raffle prizes and a dinner at the Bannatyne Hotel. A great night for a great charity.

I decided to cut the weekend off seeing as it was mostly spent being lazy in pyjamas or working, which wouldn’t make an interesting picture or read.
I hope you enjoyed this new twist on a weekly update of what is going on in my life! If you would like to see more ‘a week in photos’ post then do let me know!

Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram to keep up to date: @emma_sandford

What have you been up to this week?

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