Creating my Own Palette | @BEAUTONOMY

With the make-up industry booming bigger than ever, and more and more palettes being created, I’ve always thought, ‘I wanna make my own palette’. Name the eyeshadows cool sassy AF names, pick the shade range, colour palette and packaging. It’s the ultimate goal for any make-up guru. Well, if you are like me, and waiting to make your own creation, now you can…


Beautonomy is an online make-up brand that is passionate about creating unique, vegan and cruelty free products for every make-up enthusiast.
They allow individuals to not only personalise palettes with their name, but also the chance to create your own palette from scratch. From choosing which eye shadows, to the packaging, to the eye shadow names etc… It’s all in your creative demand.

Beautonomy very kindly reached out to me and offered me the chance to try out some of their palettes, but also get a swing at making my own.
I will leave the link to their website here:


The idea behind my palette was Instagram. Beautonomy believe that the make-up industry has shifted, where the control is no longer with the big brands, but by the driving force of MUAs and Instagram influencers. I could not agree more.
So I went for a very aesthetic and classic marble print for my outer packaging with my Instagram handle as the name on the front- @emma_sandford. I even put a quote on the inside below the mirror that reads, ‘Do it for the Insta pic‘.

As for the shades I picked, I wanted a collection of colours which could accomplish a natural-everyday nude look, with the option of a lil splash of colour here and there. As for the names? I decided to just play off my like, dislikes, favourite foods and of course, my dog!

LATTE: (a neutral peachy nude transition shade) My go-to coffee order, with oat milk and one sugar, of course.
ALFIE: (a coral orange pop of colour) The name of my lil fur baby cockapoo!!
GINGERBREAD: (a rich burgundy-brown shade) My favourite flavour, smell, snack etc! If it’s gingerbread, I’ll love it!
QUEEN B: (a classic champagne-gold shimmer shade) A tribute to my favourite artist: Beyonce.
BELLINI: (an electric teal blue pop of colour) My favourite cocktail of all time, especially a peach bellini.
AQUARIUS: (a stunning deep blue duo-chrome glitter) My star-sign.


So, would I recommend Beautonomy?
I think the concept of creating your own palette and having that personalised element to the products is amazing. It is such a good idea for a present, as you could create something really personal- naming shadows after memories you share etc.
In total honesty, just being straight to the T, the quality of the packaging and the eyeshadows isn’t the best, but it is super affordable so I am not mad about it!

Have you ever tried Beautonomy before, what are your thoughts?

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