Ultimate Travel Guide: PRAGUE

Prague has been on mine and Sam’s travel list for soo long, so you can imagine my excitement when I got to press the ‘confirm booking’ button.

I have also created a video over on my youtube channel discussing everything we got up to in Prague for you to check out

The Old Town

Prague, the capital of Czech Republic, is a city I will never forget. I don’t think I could physically forget how much I loved it there. So for anyone planning a trip there, whether it’s a romantic getaway or a week of getting drunk on cheap beer with your friends, you need to get yourself on the Jet2 website right now…
In the run up to any holiday, I am that girlfriend that is researching places, attractions, bars, restaurants etc etc. So as I step off that plane, I know exactly where we can go for dinner honey. She prepared. Since my time in that gorgeous city is over, it seems only right to share my tips, tricks and recommendations for Prague.

This is one of the most famous destinations in Prague, it is the beating heart of a somewhat debilitating yet electrifying city. The square of Old Town plays host to the main marketplace, and upon our visit we were fortunate to experience the marketplace celebrate Easter. The square also houses some of Prague’s most infamous sights, such as the Astronomical Clock Tower. Climb the spiralling staircase to gaze upon the Old Town Square from a birds eye view that the lens of an iPhone just cannot match. The architecture throughout the city, from the grand, vivid clock to the dragon heads mounting up benches along the square, exhume a fantasy as if the city had been painted for a storybook. Stretching out beyond the square are cobbled streets that intertwine like ivy. One street onto another, arranged by anarchy, and yet you enjoy getting wandering aimlessly through.

Astronomical Clock Tower/Old Town

Around the square is a whirlwind of things to do, eat, drink and see; from the chocolate museum to visiting the world’s most beautiful library. Here are a few of my favourite restaurants, bars and
Norberts Donuts (a donut cafe that does the BEST donuts)
Ukanstanu (a brewery with a stunning beer garden to meet both beer and wine desires)
Terasa U Prince (a rooftop terrace with a breath-taking view of the Old Town square, perfect for lunch or a drink in the sun- make sure to book in advance)
– Pizzeria Ristorante Giovanni (an authentic and gorgeous lil Italian for the perfect pizza)

Norbert’s Donuts
View from Terasa U Prince

Charles Bridge/Lesser Town

Charles Bridge is an iconic piece within this jigsaw puzzle that is Prague. This romantic, gothic sculpture connects two sides across the river Vltava; home to street musicians, artists and a tidal wave of tourists.

Charles Bridge

Abandoning the Old Town and moving into the neighbouring town on the opposite side of the bridge there is more to explore…
-John Lennon Wall (although we discovered it no longer has John Lennon painted on there. It is painted over every few years by new artists with new messages to portray)
-Prague Castle (prepare to climb a big hill)
-Certvoka Restaurant + the narrowest street (the alley to reach the Czech restaurant is so narrow there is a traffic light system to tell people when to go)

John Lennon Wall
Food market at Prague Castle

Extras you Need to Know About

Prague Golf and Games- this indoor loft arcade is perfect to escape rainy days in Czech. It houses the BEST neon-lit mini golf course I have ever seen; plus vintage arcade games and board games, such as glow in the dark Jenga. It is the perfect ‘chill but still fun’ location.

Prague Golf and Games

Hard Rock Cafe- a classic. FUN FACT: Prague’s HRC was the first I’d ever been to and I now realise I have been massively missing out…

Captain Candy- these style sweet shops are dotted around the Old Town and Wenceslas Square area. The shop is filled with pirate-esque barrels filled with your childhood favourite sweets, you current favourite sweets, sweets you’ve never even heard of! It is a pic n mix heaven.

Pedalos on the River Vltava- on a sunny day I could not recommend more than hiring a pedal or rowing boat out onto the river that the Charles Bridge towers over. It is a perfect way to take in the city from a different angle and cherish the Czech sun.

Pedalos on River Vltava

For anyone interested: we stayed at Hotel PAV. It is simple and clean, but in a lovely location just a 5 min walk from Charles Bridge, the Old Town and the city centre.

Which city should we travel to next?

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