Let’s Chat…CATCH UP: Why I have been MIA

Hello lil blog….still remember me? I am guilty- lock me up and throw away the key -for completely dropping off the face of the ‘blog’ earth. Where have I been? What have I been doing? And more importantly, what is to come?
Just sit tight and all will be explained in this short but sweet post…


YES, I have finally taken the jump into the deep end, and started my own Youtube channel, which of course I will leave linked here for you to take a look : MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL

Please, please, please go watch my videos, subscribe, like and share… I appreciate the support so much! Okay Emma less of the self-promo, on to the rest of the post

But yes as my attention was diverted to the start up and creation of my Youtube channel, my blog was unfortunately left in the dark. As I posted more videos on Youtube, I got a lot of questions about the future status of my blog, which I am more than happy to answer!

I will continue to post on my blog; I love writing and having my own lil corner on the internet to express my opinions, thoughts and ideas has always been something I adore! I imagine the content may cross between my blog and Youtube, offering a visual or text format for the viewer/reader. There are certain topics I have in mind to cover on my blog which I don’t want on my Youtube channel, and vice versa. I really do appreciate the patience, support and kind words I have received as my blog has become quiet in the hope of a new exciting chapter on Youtube! But as they say, you should never forget where you started, which was a lil fashion and beauty blog called emmasandford.com.

But what else have I been doing?

Alongside blogging and Youtube, I finished my second year at university, which means I have one final push (arguably the hardest year of my academic life) before I say good-bye to university entirely! I can already feel myself planning a graduation outfit!
But beside the excitement of picking the perfect graduation dress, the notion of going into full-time work and no longer being a student is really starting to hit home. ‘Adult life’ is full speed ahead and the pause button is no longer available. Whilst an alarming sense of trepidation overwhelms me, I am in fact excited to see where I end up in terms of career, jobs and opportunities! Although I will of course miss the student discount!

So, of course, I do apologise for my absence in the blogging world- but hopefully you can understand why! In the mean time you can always keep up to speed by following me on Instagram @emma_sandford (because of course Insta is a bloggers best friend).

What have you been up to?

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