Mini golf? What comes to mind? Cringey, boring tiny golf courses by the seaside that you used to play with your grandparents in a Bratz swimming costume. But no…forget that!

Ghetto Golf is leading the charge on reinventing mini-golf. If I could describe my perfect date it would be: cocktails, street food…mini golf. And that is EXACTLY what Ghetto Golf has to offer.

Now, being a northern girl, I will admit that I do find myself wishing I could be close to London, Liverpool, Birmingham because they always seem to have the best bars, restaurants and date night hotspots. But, once again, NO FORGET THAT. Ghetto Golf has opened up it’s next venue in the one and only: Newcastle!

I was very kindly invited to visit the venue before it’s grand reveal to the public, and the launch event. To say I was amazed…would be an understatement. The 18-hole course is complete with individual, insanely imaginative and quirky themed holes. From Ghostbusters, Chernobyl, the Red Light District, retro video games, even Jeremy Kyle (or renamed to fit the Geordie Land: ‘Jesmond Kyle’).

My favourite level on the course has got to be ‘The Tunnel of Love’, because I’m a sucker for some romance. (Plus climbing up and cuddling a giant swan makes a great pic for the gram.) What else would you want to backdrop your mini golf course than a giant swan pedalo boat and equally vast, vibrant love hearts?

And just to stick with the sickly sweet and lovey dovey themes; let me introduce you to the teddy bear room. A pink room filled from top to bottom with teddies, Sponge-bob Square Pants, Hello Kitty, Disney characters etc etc etc. In other words, exactly how my bedroom looked when I was 13. Oh and did I mention there was a giant claw machine descending from the ceiling? *the claw*

So, onto the deal breaker for every boy and gal, what’s the food and drink like?

Ghetto Golf is accompanied by the amazing street food company, Apocalypse Cow. This street food style, burger van is so committed to some 10/10 burgers that the chef is called Burger himself…no, I’m not joking! If you are a vegan or vegetarian, don’t worry, they have options for you too! Introducing Apocalypse Cow’s vegetarian sister, Apocalypse Carrot!
And as for drinks, with a huge and well stocked bar at the entrance of the venue, plus top-up bars along the mini golf course to keep you hydrated, Ghetto Golf has got your drink needs covered!

To pre-book your first game and get more information you can head to @ghettogolfnewcastle on Instagram or visit their website at

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