There really is nothing like a spa break, a place to click *mute* on the outside noise and drama. Whoever thought of creating a spa, in my books, should be a notified genius. What is not to love about a dedicated area for relaxing, soaking, massaging and sweet n simple chit chat through the bubbles of a hot tub?… Oh and I did I forget to mention the champagne?

Located near Barnard Castle, The Garage Spa is the spa everyone is talking about. From its stunning, rustic suites to its unique twist on spa facilities… I already knew about the spa, or to be accurate, I knew how stunning it was from the endless stream of pictures on Instagram. The expectations for The Garage Spa were exceedingly high, and it is always refreshing when something actually comes through.

So what is there to expect… as you pass through the entrance to the spa, you are greeted by a family of hot tubs. It is a spa after all so hot tubs were always going to be on the menu, however, this spa likes to go above and beyond. Dressed as wooden barrels stand three tubs: one jet set hot tub, one hot tub without jets and one cold tub (this takes refreshing to new heights). So depending how you like your hot tub in the morning, Garage Spa has got you covered. And don’t let the ice cold tub put you off, after cooking in the high temperatures of the hot tubs a cold dip is just the kick you need to go back in for more (or just dip your feet in- depending how brave you are)!

Did you think I was finished?

Oh no, there are also two hot tubs outside the indoor spa area; they are situated looking out over the enclosed garden which makes the perfect backdrop. The wooden log feature wall and copper accessories without a doubt make this place perfect for any instagram pics.
Also amongst the garden area is a sleek, black outdoor shower and a wooden cart which has been converted into a sauna.

The Garage Spa also offers a range of luxury experiences on offer to choose from alongside your spa visit. My boyfriend and I took a fancy at the Rooftop Cabriolet: a secluded balcony for just us, with a grand copper tub and plenty of bubbles (both in the tub and in my champagne glass). As much as the spa is amazing, it was so romantic to be alone together.

There are other features available but I honestly think the tour guide offered by the lovely ladies who work there would do it more justice. In my honest opinion, it is definitely worth taking a visit yourself to this amazing spa.

Whether it’s to escape a stressful job or to treat your nearest and dearest. Find an excuse, I certainly would.


The Morritt Hotel & Garage Spa
Greta Bridge
Nr. Barnard Castle
Co. Durham.
DL12 9SE

01833 627232

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