Autumnal Dining at The Botanist

What better way to escape the cold, autumn chill, than sitting down with good food and of course…a few rounds of cocktails? The Botanist is at the heart of Newcastle’s restaurant scene, and their dome covered bar is practically at the top of the ‘Best Sights to See in Newcastle’ list. So when they sent me an invite to come and try their revamped autumnal menu, I was hardly going to say no.

Keep reading for a discount code for your next trip to The Botanist, Newcastle- because who doesn’t love saving some pennies.

As myself and Sam sat down for lunch I realised, even though everyone knows how stunning The Botanist is, I realised that their rustic-vintage feel is just perfect for the autumnal season.

As part of the revamp, the cocktail menu has been transformed with a few new additions and they’ve even given their classics a new twist. My favourite has always been the Raspberry Disaronno Sour: not only does it come in a plant pot (instead of a glass) complete with dry-ice smoke, it also tastes AM-AZ-ING!

For a change, I tried the mocktail version. And where most places, their mocktails are quite simply a jug of mixed fruit juice, The Botanist ensures their mocktails taste and look just as good as the alcoholic beverages. The Botanist’s new cocktail menu has marked which classic cocktails you can have in a mocktail version. So for any sober boys n gals out there, The Botanist has got you covered.

Onto the main feature: FOOD FOOD FOOD!

To start, myself and Sam both had garlic mushrooms and it was a very strong start to the meal! It arrived in a wooden crate with a trowel (small spade for you non-gardeners out there) of seasoned mushrooms. Surrounding that were slices of toasted bread and butter. There is no doubt that they get a 10/10 for creative presentation!
Much like it’s presentation, it tasted amazing and I would definitely recommend.
What’s more, this starter is 100% vegan, everything down to the marmite butter that comes to spread on your toasted bread. (P.S. don’t skip out on the marmite butter, it is addictive!)

Onto mains…The Botanist is famous for their hanging kebabs, and right in time for the autumn season they have expanded their range of kebabs. Brand new to the kebab menu is: hoisin duck, surf and turf and vegan tofu sausage. I myself had the halloumi kebab because I adore halloumi. It had a sweet chilli seasoning and came with a garlic oil which trickled down from the top, down the kebab and landed in a bowl of chips.
(Top Tip: request the salt and pepper chips and thank me later)

Sam tried the vegan kebab which he also enjoyed!
The Botanist has been making a real effort to expand their options for vegans. So if you’ve perhaps struggled in the past to find something you like, I would definitely give it another try. For example, amongst the different pie options is an amazing vegan mushroom pie! There is also plenty of vegan options across the deli board menu.

If you are stuck as to where to visit for food in Newcastle, I would definitely recommend The Botanist…

I actually have an exclusive offer for anyone wanting to visit the The Botanist in Newcastle, simply follow the link below to book your table and get 1/3 off your food bill:


Thanks again to The Botanist for inviting me to try their new menus!

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