Newcastle Restaurant Week 2020: My Top 5 Picks

Newcastle Restaurant Week has got to be one of the most anticipated events for us foodies! It’s like Christmas, except it’s twice a year, lasts a whole week and we get to try other things than just roast turkey and brussel sprouts. For those of you who don’t know, Restaurant Week is where a select few restaurants across Newcastle city centre offer amazing deals for an entire week (well 6 days)! The offers usually look something like 2 courses for £10, or 3 courses for £15. I mean come on, who could complain at these prices!

So to celebrate it’s upcoming return (20th January-26th January), I thought I would list my top 5 places you should 100% consider visiting over the week, plus what deal they have on offer..

Gunner Tavern

Gunner and Tavern is reasonably new to Newcastle’s bar and restaurant scene but it has certainly made its mark within the short time its been here. It has quickly become famous for it’s amazing Sunday dinners, and lucky for us it is the star of the show on their Restaurant Week menu.

For Restaurant Week they are offering… 3 Courses for £15
Choose from a selection of starters and deserts, but when it comes to mains they knew fine well that Spit Roast Tasting Crate would be just enough to satisfy us foodies. Don’t worry they do offer vegetarian and vegan options as well!

The Botanist

One of my favourite places in Newcastle, The Botanist is just a classic and always a fabulous option for a meal or even just cocktails under their fairy-lit dome.

For Restaurant Week they are offering… 2 Course for £10 / 3 Courses for £15
The Botanist are notorious for their hanging kebabs, so it’s no surprise they are pushed to the centre of their Restaurant Week menu. Amazingly, they have made some adaptations for vegetarians and vegans, so they don’t have to miss out on the kebab fun!
For those who don’t always fancy a sweet, they are offering a 2 course deal!

Lola Jeans

Lola Jeans is always on my mind when Restaurant Week rolls around. I went last year and if I’m completely honest I can’t see why I wouldn’t be returning this year. Known for their steak platters and mouth watering burgers; they always have the longest menu for Restaurant Week so there are plenty of options to choose from.

For Restaurant Week they are offering… 3 Courses for £15
They are also offering a wide selection of starters, mains and deserts for the incredibly low price of £15, which is usually the price of a main to put things in perspective.


Another pretty new face to Newcastle city. Horticulture, as the name would suggest, is a stunningly decked out bar with twisted ivy and plants scattered everywhere. It has become one of my favourite spots for brunch and I am advising if you do end up there for a breakfast stop, do not miss out on the poached eggs.

For Restaurant Week they are offering… £10 Brunch Deal, £15 Dinner Deal
I may be mistaken but I have never seen a place offer both a breakfast and dinner menu for Restaurant Week. However, I am so glad they have because as I say they are the Kings of brunch in my opinion. So the Brunch Deal offers 2 breakfast meals for £10, so split individually would be £5 each (WOW). Alternatively, the Dinner Deal is offering 4 small plates for £15, with plenty of tapas style dishes to choose from!

Lane 7

I had to include this one because sometimes sitting down for a meal just seems a little boring. Lane 7 is a quirky bowling alley that also offers beer pong, table tennis, karaoke, mini golf and american style pool.

For Restaurant Week they are offering… A Game + Meal for £10
So when it comes to Restaurant Week, Lane 7 is offering a game of bowling and a main from their in-house restaurant for a bargain price of £10. You can choose from a range of burgers or pizzas to fill up after a game of 10-pin bowling.

To read more about the offers discussed, and to take a look at what other restaurants are taking part in the Newcastle Restaurant Week 2020 follow this link:

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